Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It finally arrived!

After literally months of waiting, the postal service finally decided to deliver Dawn's coffee swap package this morning. After opening it, I think I know why they didn't want to give it up - they wanted it for themselves!
I confess I was doubting it would ever come but now that I have it, I am so glad it did. Dawn could not have chosen a better package for me than if she was standing next to me. She sent two skeins of blue and mauve berocco wool that are so pretty and a skein of grey Highlander alpaca/merino that is just the type of yarn that I would want to see done in a hat, sweater or a pair of socks. It's so soft.
In addition to the wool, she sent two bags of coffee, a Starbucks Komodo Dragon blend and a Java Dave blend, as well as a sample coffee. I just ran out of coffee so I will be having some very shortly. She also sent me Starbucks chocolate covered graham cookies that are my favorites and which I haven't been able to get here in a long time. I have alway wanted a Starbucks mug and she sent me a pretty white one with trees on it. As well, there was a bar of Frey Tiramiscu Swiss chocolate and a bag of Russell Stover mocha chocolate that I will be getting into shortly.
She also sent a handmade crocheted doily of soft caramel colors. I can't crochet so I marvel at the workmanship - very nicely done.
So thank you again Dawn. I am so glad it finally arrived.


gottaknit said...

I am so glad that you finally received your package of goodies. It is hard to swap and not get anything. It sounds like you were spoiled.

Mica said...

Nothing like Starbucks coffee & yarn...