Friday, December 28, 2007

My package arrived!

Wow, overseas swaps are a great way to practice patience!! I would like to extend a great big thank you to Gill

What a lovely package and just in time for Christmas!
Absolutely love the coffee bean stitch markers :)Love from wintery London, Ontario,


Thursday, December 27, 2007


On Christmas I opened my package from Allena. How lucky can a coffee knitter get? AND Allena was so patient while I waited for Christmas to open my package. Thank-you so much for Allena for being so patience. Here it is when I opened the box lid. One of the first items you can see is the Trekking XXL yarn which she was worried may not have enough blue in it for me. Well she needn't worry as it is just lovely and there is plenty of blue in it for moi! Again I must write I don't know what you are seeing color wise on your computer as my computer is wonky and I can't get it to show the colors correctly. I know what it looks like in my camera but sometimes even the camera and the computer colors don't jive.

You can also see the following yarn on the top of the box. It was hand dyed by Allena for me and the colors are wonderful. The colors I see when I look at it are aquas, greens and rusts. There are two skeins of it which is 100% Peruvian Wool and the color/dye lot is called Jelly Bean/2. Each skein is 220 yds and 100 grams to be knit on a size 7 - 8 US needle with a gauge of 5 stitches /inch. It is hand wash and dry flat. AND AND AND that is not the only yarn I received. I also received two skeins of Jane Ellison's Marisol Misty which is 100% baby llama. It is the deep blue tweed color despite the photo looking like a light blue. It is so so so soft!! I have been eyeing it since I took the Jane Ellison Workshop at Ram Wools this past fall. Of course, this being a coffee swap I also received coffee. HMMM HMMM The coffee she sent me was from a local roaster in her area and it is called Morning Buzz. It is beans which I can grind as needed.
I also received a very tall large mug which will be my new coffee mug now for morning coffee. I will let company use my previous favorite coffee mug. The mug came with a tin of coffee mints (red and white stripped candies) and a small packet of coffee). To go with the coffee I received treats. YUMMY Treats. Allena sent me almond butter crunch bars which are now gone, milk chocolate covered cappuccino beans which are almost gone, flavored Splenda which I have not only never seen but never heard of, and fudge covered graham cookies.
BUT that is not all I received in my package. I found in the box Gloves in a Bottle shielding lotion. It says it is like an invisible pair of gloves and skin care that works.
AND she didn't forget my Solara who also received treats. AGAIN, thank-you Allena. Will I join another Knitters Coffee Swap? You bet. I had so much fun shopping for my pal and receiving from my pal I will definitely join again if there is one.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thank You, Diane!!

Look what I received in the mail this past week from Diane. What a great package! I have been surprised and spoiled. Thank you so much, Diane!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you Kitty!

Today I received my Coffee Swap 3 package from Kitty in Switzerland!!! I was so excited because I have been waiting to see what was coming!
In my package was: Scottish traditional hand baked shortbread, Highland Coffees "Costa Rica Tarrazu" coffee, a very awesome ceramic coffee mug made by Kitty's husband Joe , a bar of "Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate" and a bar of "Green & Black's Organic Maya Gold" (which OMG is awesome! It is described as "dark chocolate with orange & spices"...freakin' awesome!!
I also received two balls of "Lang's Soft Shetland Wool" one ball in green and the other ball in blue (very soft! I love wool!), a set of Vintage size 6 knitting needles (very cool, I will have to find more!)...
A Hello Kitty tin coin tube (goes quite well with my growing collection! Did you or Joe make the ceramic buttons inside Kitty?), 2 knitting related buttons and a Vintage coffee card (OMG Kitty has the coolest hand writing, I'm so very jealous!)
Thank you very much Kitty for my great swap package! It was great having you as a first time swap mate and learning so much about you and your lovely family!
**check out my blog for more pics!**

Thank you Corinne

The postoffice delievered my package to a vacationing neighbor in error. I received it last night. Thank you Corinne for being a wonderful partner.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Swap package arrived.......

Chrissie & I decided to send our packages later as she is in England for Christmas so when I got in from work yesterday there was a lovely surprise waiting for me.. my parcel from Chrissie.Wow what can I say, what a fab swap package, Chrissie really chose well, check out my blog for pics. There were 3 different types of yarn, one of which she had spun & dyed herself , how fab. Some circ knit pics, yipee!!! some bamboo needles, and best of all a knit pics case to store the knit pics in.. especially great as hubby has bought me the interchange knit pics set for Christmas....
Lovely hazelnut coffee, some dark chocolate which is my fav, some lush cookies and a cute coffee mug. Thanks so much Chrissie, it was all fab...You couldn't have chosen better, Hopefully Chrissie's parcel will be with her very soon, depending on royal mail that is!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Housekeeping ;D

Hello ~ its been a crazy week around here and its not over yet. There is still major cleanup for our backyard and our computer ~ its still running weird, but we are getting life back in order. I've spent the weekend doing some house cleaning and nethousekeeping to ensure my part of this swap ends properly. I believe I've made contact with all of you who have been trying to reach me. I'm really sorry that this ice storm made it impossible to reach me or be responded to ~ especially my dear partner, Elizabeth P. If you have been trying to reach me and still haven't heard from me, please email me at asimplifiedlife at hotmail dot com. Thx again for your patience.
Have a great week!

Mine made it too!

I knew my partner had mailed my package and it finally arrived on Wednesday(? I think it was Wednesday) I found it when I was leaving to go buy stamps, isn't that somewhat ironic? Anyway, it is a wonderful package. See?
I will put a more complete description on my blog momentarily but suffice it to say that when Gill posted my package, we were in another holiday season. Check out the candy that she sent, they are little jack-o-lanterns! Very tasty little morsels they are too LOL Thank you Gill for a wonderful swap. I look forward to seeing what you do with your new laceweight yarn. Good luck in your new job.

Got my package!

I got my awesome package from Dorothy on Thursday but have been behind in posting! Thanks so much--such a great package full of yummy pumpkin yarn, a pound of delicious Sumatran beans, elegant notecards, and some yummy treats. As a super bonus, she crocheted me this beautiful scarf!!! I feel totally spoiled!! Thanks to Dorothy and everyone else for such a great swap!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

~ MIA status ~

Hello everyone,
just a quick note to update you all. First, my apologies if you have been waiting to hear from me ~ I've been sick for the past 2 weeks. Second, we have been w/o power for the past 4 days which has now been restored. However, we are under major cleanup with several trees down, freezing temps and snow storm on the forecast. Not to make any excuses, but I thought you all should know why I've been MIA. I will be going thru my emails and responding to all whom need to hear from me. Again, my apologies and thank you for your patience. Btw, we are doing fine but tired. ;D

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

package received

I've had my package for a while now, but life has prevented me from posting about it. Which doesn't mean that I wasn't happy with it! I'd been eagerly anticipating finding it on my return home and I wasn't disappointed, it was crammed full of goodies. My favourites were probably the yarn and knitting book (projects for two balls or less, which is great as I have a habit of buying one or two balls just because I like the colour/texture but not knowing what it's going to be for), and the coffee - French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple. Unfortunately at the beginning of the week I developed a rotten cold and lost my sense of taste, I couldn't even smell that it was coffee, so I'm leaving them well alone now until my taste has properly returned and I can appreciate them! I did taste the French Vanilla which was lovely...
I'll post more details on my blog when I've dug my way out of the sea of tissues that we're living in right now, but just wanted to say thanks here to Cetta for such a lovely swap parcel and giving me another interesting blog to read regularly :-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Packaged received (very belatedly)

Ok, so I got my package from Meg more than a week ago (was it two weeks ago?) and I've been sorely remiss on thanking her publicly as well as posting to the blog.

Details can be found on my site, but the bottom line is that this packaged saved me from a coffee-free morning and a dessert-free dinner! Thanks MEG!!!! Heal up that ankle and get training for that marathon!

Happy holidays to everyone.


Thanks Cheryl!

Thanks to Cheryl for the great box of goodies she sent from MA to TX! The yarn is Fleece Artist Somoko in Midnight and Interlacements Tiny Toes in Fireplace Embers - both very pretty! My favorite thing is the Knitpickers Yarn Traveler - perfect for carrying socks in progress - and in my favorite colors!

Hostess Updates

As a hostess, I'm not sure what is more fun, seeing all the great contest entries or seeing the packages roll in. Thanks for posting about all goodies. What lovely swappers you all are!

This is also the time when a couple of poor swappers start to wonder if they will ever get a package. Don't worry that it might be too soon to tell us. I promise you're not being a bother:-)
Since packages were supposed to be sent out by November 17th, you all should have gotten yours by now.

So, if you're still waiting, please e-mail your hostess so we can get things taken care of. It's helpful if you send us your partner's name, e-mail, blog and last contact. We'll try to get in contact with them to see what's up. If your partner did indeed flake on you, we'll get an angel set up for you. I'm hoping to get all swap business wrapped up before Christmas.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank you Joy!

I received this package a few weeks back, but I had some technical difficulties getting a picture (read as: lost my camera battery charger....).

So here's my package!

Joy sent me a great package with biscotti, two kinds of coffee, a calendar, a felting guide and yarn and a great coffee mug! The card was really cute too! Thanks Joy, I love it! More details here.

Woo is me ...

I've been reading and seeing all the lovely exchanges and I'm feeling a lil bit ... oh woo is me ...

When is it safe to say your partner flaked on you?
Maybe when you haven't heard from her since she e-mailed you saying she "received the lovely package" and "yours is on its way" ...

My gut told me this one was ... Ceme somber ;o( Oh well, as I'm alwaying say, "snap outta it!" ('slap')

Keep the lovely pics coming.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thank You Eva!

Hooray - The Deutsche Post came through! I finally received my swap package from Eva last Tuesday. I've been swamped w/school & Christmas knitting, so I haven't taken the time to upload pictures, etc.
Here's the loot:

Yummy coffee, hard candies, chocolate (my kids have absconded w/most of the chocolate), cool yarn, a calendar w/a photo of my favorite soccer player, Michael Ballack (he's German as well), and cute little coffee bean stitch markers. You can see them peeking out behind the colorful yarn. Here's a closer view:
Aren't they cute? They're already being used in a Christmas knitting project.
Danke schön! Eva!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thank you, Chelle!

I picked up a fantastic package from my shop partner, Chelle today. Apparently the package had been here since Monday, but I didn't get a notification of attempted delivery. Fortunately, Chelle had a tracking number and alerted me that the package was here. All ended well and I had my first cup of delicious coffee this afternoon with one of the roasts Chelle sent me. The package contents were wonderful, full of good smelling coffee, bath ball, and lotion, and beautiful yarn. More details are on my blog.

Thank you for the wonderful swap, Chelle!

Also, a big thank you to the organizers of this swap. It was one of my first swaps and I had a great time!

Thank you!

My package arrived today, thank you Cheryl for the all wonderful things! So tempted to try out the coffee or start a new project with the yarn. The yarn colours are called Lobster Mix and Chianti - very good names! Makes me a little hungry actually :-). ... I really need to finish this Christmas knitting soon.... more pictures and details on my blog.
Thanks Knittymama for hosting this swap.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Penny, my new BFF!

Penny, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful package I got today! Can you guess what i'm drinking right now?? I'm going to post more details and pix on my blog. So I'll see you there!
You're the best THANK YOU!!

Jan, Thank you!

Oh my! That's what I said when I opened up my package. I was treated very well by Jan. She wrapped up everything in pretty tissue paper and ribbons. It made the package that much more special. Hmmm. Why didn't I take a picture then, huh? I was too excited! There was so many wonderful things in that box I really didn't think the box had a bottom. She picked out some delicious flavored coffee, Bourbon Pecan Torte, and my good 'ol standby Starbucks Caffe Verona. A box of truffles that I relished. I had major issues keeping control over that little box of chocolates. Who can resist handmade chocolate truffles? The box of cookies were so good and HUGE. They lasted a long while and were a great treat to enjoy. She even tucked a little coffee notebook in there. I love notebooks and boy did this come at a great time I was in need of one! The green travel mug is just the thing I had been wanting. It was filled with chocolate bars! Also good! I've already been using the mug. I love its big size. Now I don't have to cram in the coffee and worry about spills. This mug can take the perfect amount of coffee for me and now my clothing will be spared! The yarn was the exact perfect color. Red. I love red and the Art Yarns ultra merino. I am in bliss with this package. Thanks for a great swap Jan you're a great swap buddy!
*This package arrived early but due to my lost usb wire for my camera this picture was held hostage until I found the memory card reader this past weekend.*

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thank you Candy

I would like to thank Candy for the great package she sent me. I have to take a photo and upload it on this swap page but I did not want to go one more day without saying a great big Mahalo to her. More to follow.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thank you Susan!

I received the best package from Susan the other day! I feel so spoiled rotten, I just can't help but grin from ear-to-ear. This is just a sample of what I received. More details are on my blog.

My thanks to the swap organizers for running a great swap, and to Susan for being such a fabulous swap partner!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Goodies from Emiko

Great package! It came yesterday, full of lovely things. Great coffee, I actually made a little last night, past when I usually do caffeine, and more this morning. So yummy.
Plus licorice, coffee soap, a nice book and notepad, and gorgeous red Smooshy yarn.

Check my blog for details!
Thanks to the organizers and my partner for a great time. Can't wait for the next round.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank You Kristina!

What a wonderful surprise to find on my doorstep when I returned home after a long day at work...yarn and coffee! What more could a girl want (besides large diamonds)?! Kristina sent me 2 packages of Boca Java coffee, one is Ocean Breeze (which sounds SO enticing as I watch the snow fall) and the other is Tropical Kiss - "chocolate coffee with a smooch of coconut". I can't wait to try that out on my friends during our stitching day! And, of course, what would chocolate coffee be without chocolate macadamia biscotti?

And then there is the yarn. Oh my!! 2 skeins of a beautiful teal Gem sock yarn which I already have a plan for, 2 skeins of Felt It in Wildflowers, and an absolutely gorgeous yarn called Tropical Island. (Do I see a tropical theme going here?) Kristina, did you hand dye it? It's absolutely incredible! Now...what can I make?!?!? It's pretty darn cold outside. I'm thinking Tropical Island would make something to keep me warm and dreaming of tropical breezes. I also received some great stitch markers which were handmade and a handle for a bag. I've never tried felting before but have been itching to try it. I now have no reason not to!

Thank you SO much Kristina. You've been the best swap partner!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

it's a traveling box

Whew! My package to my swap pal, Steph, finally arrived via Fed Ex yesterday. This package has been a'travelin' from California to Pennsylvania--the first time I sent it out, it returned (who knows why); the second time I sent it out with a tracker number. Following eleven days (this is for the second shipping) and one failed delivery (even though she was home), it was delivered on the porch. I hope she finds it worthy of such pilgrimages.

Hello Mr. Postman....

Still waiting for my package.... I know my swap partner sent it off a while ago.... wonder if my postman has taken up knitting.... he does look curiously awake lately.... hmmm. In case you are reading, Mr. Postman, my door is very easy to find and I might even brew a cup of lovely smooth coffee for you if you bring me my swap package!
Here is a picture of my door. I have subtly marked it with some knitting of mine.....
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feeling the Love!

See this beautiful package I received from Miss Lucy today. The most glorious yarn to make a lace hat and an entrelac scarf. If I eat all the chocolate tonight and drink the coffee, I'm definitely calling in sick tomorrow so that I can just sit and knit. I Love Lucy!

My partner spoilt me!

I have received the most amazing parcels of goodies from Amber

The first contained some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, now, this is a yarn that I pick-up and fondle regularly at my LYS, it's beautiful. Also, there were 3 Brittany Birch Cable needles, they are just the perfect size.

The second parcel came directly from Amber in the US and WOW, she spoilt me!
Two mugs, a variety of coffees and biscotti and chocolates, all of my fave things.

The really strange thing is that the Yarn parcel came from Perth (on the other side of Australia), the parcel from Amber came from Virginia in the US and they were delivered to meat the same time. The knitting pixies must be looking after me!!

This has been a great swap and I've enjoyed getting to know Amber and being able to send Aussie animal goodies for her gorgeous daughter Audrey, I suspect that they may be sick of learning about Koalas by now.
Thanks Amber for being a fabulous and thoughtful Swap Partner.

Monday, November 26, 2007

got my package today!!!

Thanks Mandy for the wonderful gift!

this was such a fun swap. i look forward to doing it again!

details on my blog

I recieved my package!

My package came in the mail about a week ago, but I've been busy moving so I've just now had the chance (and the means I went 2 weeks without internet, and I had trouble locating my camera) to post about it on my blog.

I love my package. It was perfect. I was so excited and so surprised when I opened it up. Thank you so much Cynthia. I hope you like what I sent you as much as I like what you sent me.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A package from Switzerland!

I received my package just before the Thanksgiving break and I was going to blog about it while I was home visiting family, only to find out that my folks had canceled their Internet service!

Just look at all the goodies!!

KCS package

KCS package-2

Thank you so much Andrea!!

Thank You Lindy!

This post is also long overdue. My coffeeswap partner Pearl's Mother sent me two terriffic packages.
The first one was straight from a yarn store. She sent this yummy cashmerino (100% merino wool yarn that is soft like cashmere) lace weight yarn in charcoal grey - love love love. Along with 3 lace patterns and a cute stitch marker (this is my first stitch marker - thank you). This was such a thoughtful treat. I mentioned that I wanted to try some lace, but didn't know where to start, so she took all the guess work out of it. I am so excited to start on this - after the holidays. I am planning on doing the middle shawl :).

Then she sent a separate package with goodies from Australia - coffee, plastic knitting needles (I think these will be Audrey's first real pair of needles when she is old enough to learn), dark chocolate - yum, a cute stuffed Koala, three kids Koala books and a cute Koala ornament. It has been fun learning about Koala - now we will have to check our zoo.

Thank you so much Lindy!!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coffee from Canada...

This fabulous package arrived from Tammy of Knit one, Insane 2 and came all the way from Canada. Check out all the yarn - 6 balls of Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton and some of her hand-dyed yarn that is 100% Australian Merino. The yarn is sport weight and is in the "Chaos" colorway. I am sure that I can find something really nice to knit up with this yarn. Plus I get to try some Canadian coffee. Two bags from Cupper's Coffee & Tea which is Alberta's very own micro roaster and came with rave reviews from Tammy. Sadly, they only ship to Canada. The Lindor chocolates and the Smarties were quickly eaten, but I am taking my time with the chocolate covered coffee beans.

Faery Fiber yarn

My Coffee Swap Pal . . .

This is the great package my pal Wendy put together for me!

She sent me some yummy Mexican chocolate, a couple of delicious pralines (a Southern treat we don't see much of in Oregon!), some wonderful coffee only available in her area, a beautifully scented soap, and of course, very cute yarn for a pair of socks!

It would be hard to decide, but it might be that my favorite things in the package were the adorable stitch markers, and a very sweet tiny handspun skein keyring! This was so much fun, and Wendy was a great swap partner for me--perfect match!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I Give Thanks for my coffee swap partner!

I've not had batteries for my camera or I would've posted before. Three days ago, I got this amazing package from my Knitters' Coffeeswap 3 partner, Jennifer!

What wonderful spoils! I was crowing as I opened it - everything wrapped in red tissue paper. And the smell is just heaven! My husband doesn't drink coffee, but every year or so he'll try it just because it smells so good.

I had to laugh because she sent me a pound of the same coffee I sent her (Sidamo from Starbucks) and she also sent me another pound of another coffee because she couldn't decide. We were so well matched- I sent her another pound of coffee as well because I couldn't decide! The second pound I cannot wait to try - Hemingway's Hair of the Dog from Baby's Coffee from Key West, FL. How cool is that??? And a mug from the same shop - ooooh I LOVE it!

More goodies - Jelly Belly jellybeans in cappucino and French vanilla, a knitting themed card (with a personal note inside) and a postcard.

But the thing that had me screaming and squealing - Noro Silk Garden! Two beautiful skeins of it! Wow oh wow oh wow oh wow! I have been wanting to try it for soooo long. It's gonna make a really smashing scarf......

There's even more that hasn't arrived yet - she's giving me a "pre-loved" coffee grinder (she told me she forgot to put it in the package. JOY! More mail with wonderful things for me.

Here's another look:

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

My Exchange from Deb B!

I received an awesome package from Deb B. on Monday. Not only did she include 2 delicious coffee blends from her local coffee roaster, she gave me a new coffee grinder! I was thrilled when I saw that. What a great surprise. Check out the coffee-colored yarn in the cool mug, and how about those stitch markers? Coffee beans and a coffee cup! Deb made them. Not only did she put them together, she made them out of clay. Wow. You can see them in better detail on her blog. Thank you for a wonderful package, Deb! And thanks to our hostesses as well for putting together this fun exchange.

Coffee packet arrived!

Ever since my Coffee Swap 3 packet arrived I thought I'd really install the camera software and upload some photos... but as my written exam is only 2 weeks away and the workload is killing me... well, some other time.

Anyways, my pal Tigerduck spoiled me rotten! She sent me
  • 2 packets of gorgeous coffee beans from Whole Foods (Espresso Sierra and French Roast) - those beans are almost too perfect and beautiful to grind
  • 2 hanks of wonderful Blue Skyes Alpaca in a 50% alpaca, 50% silk mix which is incredibly soft, in a rich emerald green
  • beautiful stitch markers in a matching green
  • 2 little packets of white beads (after all, I'm planning on making Grumperina's Odessa some time)
  • a coffee mug
  • shortbread cookies
  • chocolate chunks
  • scented candles
  • a postcard with a sheep
Thank you so much Tigerduck, you're the bestest pal ever! I hope to post pictures some time, you might have to wait till my (next) exam is over.


More thanks to Helen!

What a fabulous swap! I got two pounds (She really spoiled me!) of Starbucks coffee, a medium one and a bold one, in whole bean form. She also sent two balls of Rowan Calmer which is one of my all time favorite yarns in a lovely latte color :) There is a ball of coffee colored Trekking that will make me a lovely pair of socks.... I did one Pomotomous for my first Hurricane Sock Swap partner (wonder if she ever made the second) and I did it in Trekking, I LOVED the yarn but never managed to get another ball, seriously yummy stuff. The postit's with a J on them have already been put to use (I'm a big "post it on the front door to remind me to take something with me in the morning" kind of gal) and there is a great set of stitchmarkers that are very cubey :) I am so glad that there are so many of them too, people always tend to send 3 or 4 and this is a big set that will really be useful! Perhaps my favorite thing in the package is the blue and white print coffee cup with a mug cozy! It is beautiful and has a really great celtic looking button! I can't wait to use it.

Thanks so much Helen! I loved every bit of the package and I promise your second package will be going out tomorrow! (Helen doesn't have a coffee grinder and I just knew that she'd love coffee even more if she had freshly ground beans, so I checked with her to see if she'd mind me sending her a "pre-loved" coffee grinder that I used but no longer needed because me fab coffee pot grinds the beans for me now. In true Jennifer has ADD fashion, I forgot to include the grinder in her package :( Woe is me :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spoiled Rotten!

My swap partner Becky spoiled me rotten!
When I opened the box there were several nicely wrapped presents waiting to be ripped open. If one didn't know they might have thought it was my birthday.

The Before Picture

The After Picture

Let me begin by saying the smell that drifted up from my packages was most delicious!! I received two very soft yarns both in the color blue. I think I am going to knit up a hat and scarf for myself. I got a Stitch 'N Bitch page a day calendar which I almost bought for myself two weeks ago but decided to wait. YAHOOO!! A recipe for Becky's favorite snowy day soup....yummmmmm. A recipe for Cinnamon Schmear Scones....yummmmmmmmmmm. I got some Wild Berry Plum Decaf green tea (which I LOVE!!!). Two packages of Sipping Chocolate and a small whisk that goes with them. I got a MUCH NEEDED coffee scoop. I got a package of Vanilla Almond coffee and three different flavors from Steep & Brew. They are Toasted Nut, Hazelnut, and Becky's favorite.......Icing on the Cake. Becky thank you so much. I love everything you picked out for me. I can't wait to try the Icing on the Cake coffee.


Thank you Laurie!

I got my awesome package from Laurie yesterday! Such lovely, lovely goodies! There were two kinds of coffee- Almond and Georgia Pecan, a chinese take-out box full of holiday cocoa, some yummy pretzel balls, some amaretto cookies, and a tin of Godiva Chocoiste pearls, which I've been wanting to try. Non-edible goodies included a sheepy pad of Post-its, foamie needle point keepers, a pretty journal, some much-needed cuticle cream, and a super-cute bag with a crow on it.

The yarn- wow, Laurie was super generous! Two skeins of Cascade 220 in a black tweed, two skeins of Crystal Palace Musique in Moss, two skeins of Crystal Palace Fling in Roses, and a skein of Lang Pearl in a pretty purple color. Just spectacular yarns! I'm going to have to make something special for my girls with all the pretty yarns!

Here's a closer look at the yarn-

Thanks again to a great swap partner!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Package from the Fruity Sheep

OK 3rd time's a charm right? First time I tried to post this, I posted it in the wrong Coffee swap page (doh!), then the 2nd time, blogger decided to error out. Hopefully this attempt will work :)

I got back home today tired from an office move to find my swap package from Lia (The Fruity Sheep).

You can find more details about the package here.

Thank you again Lia!!!

I'd also like to thank Knittymama and the co-hostesses for a great job this round. This was my 2nd time participating in this swap and I had a lot of fun. I look forward to the next round next year! :)