Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hostess Updates

As a hostess, I'm not sure what is more fun, seeing all the great contest entries or seeing the packages roll in. Thanks for posting about all goodies. What lovely swappers you all are!

This is also the time when a couple of poor swappers start to wonder if they will ever get a package. Don't worry that it might be too soon to tell us. I promise you're not being a bother:-)
Since packages were supposed to be sent out by November 17th, you all should have gotten yours by now.

So, if you're still waiting, please e-mail your hostess so we can get things taken care of. It's helpful if you send us your partner's name, e-mail, blog and last contact. We'll try to get in contact with them to see what's up. If your partner did indeed flake on you, we'll get an angel set up for you. I'm hoping to get all swap business wrapped up before Christmas.



dorothee said...

Unfortunately, my package hasn't arrived at my pal's yet. The mailman seems to have eaten it...
I did start a query with the mail services, I hope they find the parcel!

gottaknit said...

I haven't received my package either or heard from my swap partner in a while. I don't have Dawn's e-mail, could you please give it to me?

Elizabeth P said...

I was wondering what happened to Dawn, who is not only my hostess but also my partner. I haven't heard from her since mid November and I haven't received anything yet. I've emailed her but haven't heard back. Does anyone know what's going on?