Monday, December 15, 2008

Next Swap Coming Up!!!

REALLY quick update here folks. Sorry for the lack of the fall swap, but hey, I had a baby. 'Nuf said.

There WILL be a winter swap with some changes that I'm sure will make a few people unhappy, but even with help, swaps are time consuming and a lot of work to run. (Although they are so fun, which is why there will still be another one.)

1. It will open in late January. Keep an eye on my blog for an announcement.
2. Only 50 people this time. That's about all I can handle (yes, even with help. )
3. I'm not so sure I want to even deal with running this blog for the swap. I would much prefer to just keep it over on Ravelry. Everyone can add themselves and it's one less thing I have to mess with. Not on Ravelry yet? The last person I heard from got her invite in 5 days. Sign up now and you'll be golden by January.

Questions? Comments? Go for it. Gotta run, baby's awake!


Jodi said...

Thanks for organizing again! It has been a great swap in the past.

Just one thought... I find that people flake out more on Ravelry-organized swaps. I'll do it either way, though.

Pheelya said...

Congrats on the new baby!!

I can't wait to help out again!!

Nathalie Brault said...

Hi I don't know if you answer to your comments but here goes anyways. I'M a nut for swaps and I'M already a member on swapbot. I'm the owner of Women-preneurgalore I think you already entered some of my giveaways there.

I'd love to enter in this coffee swap, since I'm a coffee freak, Please let me know if you accept my inscription. Here is my email

Anonymous said...


Penny said...

I am in again. I love coffee and swapping. Looking forward to seeing it announced on your blog.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, just stopping by to wish you 'Merry Christmas' before I hit my hometown for the holidays.

Anonymous said...
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KellyD said...

I am on ravelry but dont know how to sign up
plus the photos arent available are they?

barefoot mama said...

wow, this looks like SO much fun! I wish I could knit better, so that I could join:( Okay, I'm going to keep practicing and come back in a year or two:))) See you then! Barefoot Mama, TX