Tuesday, November 20, 2007

April rocks!

It's been a long day at work. And I probably won't be out of here until close to 9pm, however my husband dropped off my package from April (all the way on the West Coast!) and I opened it after calming down from the requisite drama filled phone call from pre-teen daughter. Sadly I am cameraless here and the cell phone battery died..I'll take picks for my blog later but for now I wanted to follow in April's footsteps and link to the wonderfulness she sent.

First up she enclosed 3 hanks of Hacho Yarn from Peru in the dyelot 303! It's lovely and is likely to become a sweet pair of socks before long. April knew I am a tea drinker and I am currently sipping the most amazing tea from Two Leaves and a Bud. It is a chinese green tea called Jasmine Pearl and it's amazing (it also comes from the province next door to the province my daughter was born in). She also included a wonderful Vanilla Bean black tea from Mighty Leaf . There were also two wonderful bags, one a small felted tote perfect for a sock project and the other a great zippered pouch that I intend to fill with knitting notions. It came filled with yummy Ghiradelli chocololate!

Thank you again April for making a cold late fall night at work so warm and cozy!

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