Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Contest 4

Just under the wire, I think? I'm really not an artist in the 'composing a visual scene' sense, so this had me stumped. Finally I just pulled out the yarn from my stash that I am most in love with. It's an art scene on its own! But swappers, I need some help. I love this yarn so much I am afraid to use it!! I think it would be perfect in a shawl which could show off its gorgeousness, but I don't know how much I have, so I'm afraid to start a pattern. It's unspun, so the owner of the shop where I bought it suggest I knit it with something for strength (the dark yarn peeking out) but I can't quite imagine how they'll look and I haven't tried swatching (the obvious thing to do) because I'm not sure how rugged that unspun is....

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