Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Gorgeous Coffee-Themed Surprise!

So I got home from my (extended) lunch yesterday, and found my coffee goody-box on my front steps. (Maria - yours was posted today!)

Shall we take a look? First there was this, and boy, it smelled really good - I wonder what could've smelled so good?

Could it be this? It certainly smelled delicious.

I don't think it was this (holy cats - chilis in my chocolate? Yowza.)

Shall we take a closer look? I think I mentioned this little lovely in an earlier post on my blog - that pal of mine was very sneaky. A row-counter bracelet - gorgeous. Now I have to figure out how to use it.

It wasn't this - but look how cute - and she made it herself!

This may have been the delicious smelling culprit right here - and no, I do NOT mean the yarn. Some delicious Koigu KPPM. I am a lucky girl. But, do you know when I felt REALLY lucky?
When I opened these:

And this to go with it - you can guess what I did. Immediately.

Thank you Maria!~!! I hope you are as pleased with your package as I was with mine!!!

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emicat said...

wow, that is one awesome package! :)