Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's here

Thank you, thank you, thank you Betty!! I just received the most amazing package.

  • Crocheted Socks! pattern book
  • Hawaiian Flowers calendar
  • Sockotta sock yarn
  • Peaches and Cream cotton yarn
  • 2 types of coffee + some sample packets
  • Starbucks Hawaii mug
  • some biscotti
  • Scone mix
  • Dora doll and candy for the kiddos

I'm soooo excited about the sock pattern book. I almost bought one for myself when shopping for you, but decided to pass and watch my pennies. :-) I wonder if the kids will behave well enough for me to try it out on our Thanksgiving trip.

You package was mailed via priority mail yesterday. So sorry that I'm so slow. We've had a sick kiddo and out of town guests. Hope you like it as well as I like mine.

ugh...can't get my photo to upload, but trust me...everything is GREAT!

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--elf-- said...

How did you make those cool flowers for the bullet points???