Friday, November 16, 2007

Contest #4

A little last minute, and no real time for great composition or lighting (mainly because hubby and my chum wanted to enjoy their lattes instead of allowing them to be part of a wondrous photo shoot! ...also the camera batteries were failing after the first shot I took, ah well!).

We enjoyed these lovely lattes at our favourite cafe, Ki:lau in Aberdeen (it's where we knit every Wednesday night...well we try and make it there every Wednesday anyway, and often we talk too much to knit!)

The Ki:lau baristas like to doodle in the steamed milk, however the sugar swirl in the latte on the left is my DH's own handy work, he was being artistic and also impatient!!

The yummy yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Winterberry which my lovely mummy brought me back as a gift from her recent trip stateside. The needles are two of my five Lantern Moon Ebony DP's which she also brought me back! Mummys are fab!

Happy weekend!

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