Thursday, November 1, 2007

Contest 3:

Dare to try a new coffee:
So I did! Knit Night tonight, we meet early for coffee and snacks (or dinner) at my favorite local coffee shop - Mill Mountain Coffee. Tonight, I decided to take the challenge here, and try something totally unlike me: Vanilla Nut decaf. (Ok, the nut decaf part is normal - but VANILLA? I'm a chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry kinda gal...
Surprise! I really liked it. Now I'm not sure it's going to overtake my other preferences, but it was very smooth, and the nutty sweetness helped things out, too!

- Share your favorite knitting/crochet project.

That part of the contest was a bit harder...I finally settled on my Fleece Artist Sea Wool Clapotis. The yarn is simply scrumptious, soft and soothing texture and squishiness, and vibrant colors. The pattern is the sort that keeps me interested (one more dropped stitch - wheeee!), but is familiar and comforting. I loved using special stitch markers between repeats. I even used my Addi Lace needles, since this was knit in fingering weight yarn. Hmm...I'm ready for another one! :)

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