Saturday, November 3, 2007

Contest #3

The new coffee I tried was an organic French Peruvian (my brother-in-law had given me a pound of the beans from his local coffee shop). I did not like it, I'm sorry to say. French roasts are generally too smoky for my taste, and this one was no exception. I used up the beans I had (since they were already here and I was out of my usual stuff!), but this is not something I would drink again if something else were available.

My favorite knitting project? Hands-down, it's baby hats. I love knitting these things because they're quick, their size lets you experiment with new stitches and colors, and they made always-welcome gifts. I've knit several hats for my daughter, but there's only so many hats a toddler can wear in one season (especially one who is, like mine, reluctant to wear hats at all), so I end up giving away most of them. My favorite yarn for this sort of project? Whatever odds and ends are in my stash!

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