Sunday, November 4, 2007

Contest #3

Yesterday, I tried a new drink, a Gingerbread White Mocha, from Cornerstone Coffee. I usually find flavored drinks too sweet, so I asked for 1/2 the syrup. I don't know if she forgot, or if it would normally be even sweeter, but it was very sweet. It was good, but I ended up adding a little black coffee to it when I got back to work.

I'll probably stick to drinks with only one flavor in the future, or specify even less syrup if I get it again.

Favorite project:
The best thing I've ever knit was Sherwood, from Knitty. This pattern is very well written, and it looks really impressive.

Toddler sweaters are great because they get a little longer wear than baby things, but still work up very fast.

I knit this in Rowan Wool Cotton, in Elf, which is a lovely yarn. The wool content gives an elastic quality often missing in cotton yarns. I was lucky to get this from the huge Knit Happens sale this past spring. I would definitely use this yarn again.

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