Thursday, November 1, 2007

Contest #3

We're big fans of Trader Joe's and they were out of my usual blend when I swung by this week. That being said, I went for a can of their Moka Java. It felt a bit like splurging since our usual bean is a Colombian blend, but it turned out to be lovely! A very warm and rich flavor - I'd say it's almost too good for that first morning cup. Would I buy it again? Sure! Will it become the standard? Probably not - or at least not for the morning cup.

Ok, now for "favorite knitting project". Hands down, it has to be socks. They're portable, functional and have almost endless variety. They knit up in a jiffy (not so for sweaters!) and are so easy to make "fit". For the most part, there's little need for math (just put the darn thing on and check) but they can also be amazingly complex. Cables, picot edges, lace insets .. to rib or not to rib ... what's not to love? Best of all, it's one big circle so no finishing!

Happy knitting!

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