Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Getting to Know You Pt 2 (for Jess)

My home internet has been down basically since I signed up, so sorry Jess for not posting/emailing as much as I wanted to-also the reason I don’t have blog. I was considering setting one up but my work internet access is sporadic depending on who is in the office! I am having to get a friend to enter this for me. I have to admit, life without the internet at home is slightly stressful! The number of things I want to google but cant! Anyway in an attempt to let Jess know a little more, here are my hobbies. Knitting obviously, and the theatre/music that I work with. I am also an avid reader of any kind of book, although Neil Gaiman is my favourite author. I also love arthouse/independent films. When there is snow (not often in Scotland
L) I like to snowboard, though I wouldn't say I was any good at it! much falling on my bum! I also love going to art galleries and my favourite activity, although I am not sure if it can be described as a hobby, is eating out! My dream job would be a restaurant critic, my favourite way of spending an evening is a good meal in a great place with some fine wine and good company. Shame I cant afford to do it more often! Hope you see this Jess!


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Jess said...

Sorry about the internet, that's a pain! I <3 Neil Gaiman too, and boy, did you just give me a big flashing idea :-D

I need your address if you get a minute online again soon!