Thursday, November 1, 2007

Contest #3

After hearing all the talk of the seasonal drinks at Starbucks I eagerly went into a Starbucks last night ... to discover this isn't a 'season' here in Switzerland. Oops! So I ordered a decaf mocha. I was excited to have 'remembered' about decaf coffee (it's not so popular here) that I could drink at night. The beverage was pretty disappointing--it didn't really taste that chocolatey, but I haven't had a mocha in 10 years so I didn't know what to expect. The real downside? All that phlegm-inducing-milk, 15 minutes before choir practice.

My favorite knitting projects are new ones! Ha ha--I have startitis and a VERY short attention span, so I like making little whimsies--toys, or knitted objects. I've made a lot of hats. I have trouble with mittens (the second one) and I've made exactly 1.5 socks in my life, oddly enough. The second sock problem, but also I can't imagine wearing handknit socks because I envision them vaporizing under the pressure of my (as I've been told) odd gait, which destroys commericial socks and the soles of my shoes. I not only poke holes in my socks, I even poked a hole in the top of a *leather shoe* once with my toe! I'd have to knit my socks out of kevlar yarn or something!

(p.s. sorry if this shows up twice. blogger is having a tantrum just now)

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