Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Package Received!!!

I want to share with all of you the wonderful package that Cathy put together for me, which arrived today. She went all out! First, the coffee: an around-the-world sampler pack - 12 different coffees to try, each packet makes a full pot of coffee, so needless to say I will be enjoying all the different beans from around the world. I think I will save these for the weekends so I can really enjoy them and notice the differences in each type. The yarn: 2 skeins of sport weight cotton in the most beautiful shades of pink. The goodies: Dove chocolate, bee balm lotion (smells so good), a set of four pretty pink stitch markers in their own little bag, some glittery beads, some cute patterned tissues, sheep-shaped post-it notes, a hot pink notions holder that will be just the thing to keep in my on-the-go knitting bag so I don't have to worry anymore about my scissors poking in the wrong place. To top it all off, she made me the cutest apron with a blue flower applique. I know I will be wearing it for my holiday baking, coming up soon.

Thank you, Cathy!

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