Sunday, October 21, 2007

Contest #1 (and a belated introduction)

Blogger has been out to get me lately, so I'm a bit late getting to the party here. (And in spite of whatever Blogger may tell you, my blog is located here--I moved it from Blogger months ago.)

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I'm a wordsmith by trade. This is the first time I've participated in this swap. When I heard about it during the second round, I couldn't sign up because Knittymama was my downstream pal in a different swap and I didn't want her to know who I was! From the introductions and contest entries, it looks like there's a lively, varied group of knitters in this round--I'm already having loads of fun.

My favorite spot to knit and drink coffee is at a local coffee shop (of which, alas, I have no photo). Not only do I get to drink good coffee (and snack on yummy accompaniments) without having to wash any dishes, but I also get to knit in the company of some very fine friends. My local knitting group meets weekly, and since we're all nuts for coffee, a coffee shop is our preferred location.

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