Thursday, October 25, 2007

Contest #2

Ceme from dreary Philly (its rainy), here's my answers to Contest #2:

1. Absolute favorite Coffee - Gevalia, Blueberry -
I can drink this morning, noon and/or night. But I love to wake up to the smell of the blueberries - only on weekends can I prepare myself breakfast - during the week I'm running around trying to get ready for work. But most Saturday mornings I have a cup (fully loaded) with my favorite dish - herb baked eggs. Absolutely delicious! For my recipe on Herb baked eggs, visit my blog and check out Ceme Eats, Drinks and Shops.

2. Absolute positively my favorite yarn - as the old crew at Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philly used to call me - Zephyr Slut - LOL! Jaggerspun Zephyr! Here it is knit up in "navy" Peacock Shawl (Fiddlesticks) and "sage" Irish Diamond (Folk Shawls)
And the lil chunky monkey doggie sitting on top, while I'm trying to block, is Meme (my lil shih tzu). I fell in love with zephyr when the ladies at Rosie's knit up the Landscape shawl in "emerald - Dorlyn" and "black - Grace." I just had to have some and now, I have so many of the colors - way too many. Grace even doubled it and did a backless top - a picture used to be posted on Rosie's Yarn Cellar webpage. I love the emerald and pink (both of which I did for my co-worker Ollie - check out my blog - Ceme Knits) and the navy. I've blocked and reblocked my Peacock Shawl and the yarn never lost its silky navy coloring. I have it in white, cream, cinnabar, peach, sage, emerald, black (currently working the Sampler Shawl from Folk Shawls), brown, suede, pink, and so on, love, love, love Zephyr.

Happy Knitting!


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