Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Contest #2

Fav Coffee: This is difficult, as I do not have one specific favorite. However, I am always happy with refill (in my trusty travel mug) of the house coffee from ERC.

Fav Yarn: Yarn Pirate - I love the colors and the surprises in the Booty Club package that shows up on my doorstep every month. I'm currently coveting the Fig and Honey colorway. Another thing I really like, 480/yards per skein means I never have to worry about running out of yarn when making socks for my big feet. ;-)


yarnpiratePhoto: Primrose, Clementine and Malamute.

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april said...

Oh, you live in Ann Arbor! I worked at the ERC on Main Street for the two years I was in library school there. After several previous years of barista-ing, they finally taught me how to make a proper cappuccino :) I miss the yarn store tucked away downtown next to the hot dog vendor, because they always had the best Malabrigo selection..I grew up in Holland, MI so might have to make a trip to A2 after all this reminiscing!