Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Contest #3

I am generally not a fan of flavored coffees - I like regular, black, plain-jane coffee. So I figured with this contest I should try a flavored coffee. I tried Autumn Spice at Espresso Royale, which is described as having cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. What did it taste like to me? Kind of like someone threw a circus peanut in my coffee. And I'm actually a fan of circus peanuts (in moderation!) but not in my coffee. I cannot explain why Autumn Spice would taste that way, but it did. So, umm, no, I will not be having that again!

My favorite knitting project overall would have to be toys. I have a stash of every color or the rainbow (and then some) of worsted weight washable wool and wool blends like Plymouth Encore and Wool-Ease and a bunch that lost their labels long ago. From these I have created kittens, turtles, robots and even a seahorse and a nautiloid. I get inspiration from the Knitted Toys KAL and the many awesome toy patterns that show up on Knitty. Mostly I knit toys for my own kids and the joy they take in them once they are done I know comes in part from it being a handmade object, and that they can pick the colors or suggest changes they would like. I love to knit them because I know they are loved. A couple of the first toys I knit were robots for my son while he was learning his colors, so I did one in primaries and one in secondary colors.

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