Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Contest #3

A coffee I tried in several places, and liked, is caffe mocca - coffee with chocolate, a sort of hybrid between hot chockolate and coffee. I am sure this is no news for most of you, but I don't usually try many 'fancy' coffees in cafe's but stick to the 'normal-fancy' ones. But anyway, mocca tames my sweet tooth, and gives the coffee boost, so it's a 2in1 solution for me!

Project I love an do over again are hats. I have two basic patterns I do over again for presents etc. Both from the S'nb handbook - the Umblical cord hat I do as written, just changing yarns, and the Hot Head I do in the round. Both's sizes I can modify, and colours of course, but these are so quick and so fun to to, I never get bored with them.

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