Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Contest #3

My latest adventure in coffee was -- don't laugh -- attempting to buy decaf from a bodega in my neighborhood. There are three bodegas within 1-2 blocks of my house, but when I asked the proprietor of the first where I could find decaf, he laughed and said "We don't carry it! No one comes in here wanting decaf." At the second store, the owner told me "We used to carry decaf but only sold about 1 can a year so we stopped selling it." Perplexed (and thinking "doesn't anyone in the neighborhood ever need decaf for a dinner party?" which is why I was looking for it), I finally found a pound of Equal Exchange decaf and it was absolutely wonderful -- very smooth, and full bodied. I'm happy I can now drink coffee in the evenings after dinner, too.

My favorite knitting project is socks. They're (relatively) quick, use a reasonable amount of yarn, are good for trying new patterns, are fun to give to friends, AND are compact enough to knit on the train. My love of sock knitting is a bit ironic, though, because I loathe having to wear socks and shoes and avoid wearing socks between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year. (With this year's unseasonably warm October, I got to wear flip flops up until about a week ago). It's more fun to knit something to give to someone anyway!

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