Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Contest #2

By far, my favorite coffee is Green Mountain Coffee's EggNog Coffee (www.greenmountaincoffe.com). It's only available on a seasonable basis (3 guesses what season it is available - wink). However, once it comes available, I typically buy 4-6 bags of it. I always say to myself that I'm going to ration it out over the year, but I find by March, that it's gone, and November cannot come soon enough, so that I can buy more. Just brewing it is heave, as it smells up my entire house of coffee beans and eggnog. It is a richly flavored coffee, with a hint of eggnog and cinammon. A great dessert coffee (although I would drink it all day, if it weren't for that darned over-caffeinated buzz)!

Now, for my favorite yarn...this was a toughy as I love MANY!! I would have to say, one of my most recent purchases has definitely proven to be one I'll be going back for. It's called Venezia, by Lang Yarns (http://www.langyarns.ch/). I purchased it at WEBS though (http://www.yarn.com/). I'm using it to make a lac scarf, and it's just gorgeous. The pictures just don't do it justice. It's cream, dark grey and silver, and has a luscious sheen to it. Made of 50% mohair, 50% acrylic (I'm typically anti-acrylic - AKA - Yarn Snob, but this is yummy!). When trying to take the picture, my camera went all crazy with the sheen.

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