Friday, October 26, 2007

Contest #2

1. Coffee review - My favorite coffee is a Latte Macchiato from the café across the road of my house (sorry, I can't post pictures because my own laptop is broken, and my boyfriend's laptop doesn't have the camera software). I like my coffee quite weak with lots of milk, so this type of coffee is perfect for me; and as the café is so close to my place I've become a regular and the waiters there already know what I usually order and how I like my coffee.

2. Yarn review - I absolutely love the yarn I'm currently knitting with, Schachenmayr nomotta Alpaka which is 100% alpaca. I'm making a cardigan with cables from a German knitting magazine, and this yarn is just heaven to knit with. It is so soft that other, more simple yarns feel like steel wool, but that doesn't keep me from knitting with it! This yarn is so nice that even ripping parts of the cardigan is a pleasure because I can knit with the Alpaka even longer. Yay!

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