Friday, October 26, 2007

Contest #2

Well this is my first entry on this blog. I was just invited to join yesterday. I'm so glad that I get to participate in all the fun.

1. My favorite coffee... Well that is hard. I do love Starbucks Peppermint mocha mmm mmmm. But the nearest Starbuck's is a couple hours away. So I drink the mochas that they sell on post. Not as good but you take what you can get. At home I love this German coffee that I can get at my local Edeka. It's called Kronung by Jacobs. Not to strong and not to weak. Much better then the store bought you can in a grocery store.

2. My favorite yarn that's even harder to pick my favorite. I love sock yarn dyed byIndie dyers such as Yarn Pirate, LoveSticks, Vesper Sock Yarn, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Yarntini, Duet Sock Yarn, & Zen string.

**Hi Kim, I started getting your goodies today, I'm so excited to send it to you!!***

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