Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Getting To Know You Pt 1

As i dont have a blog (sorry to my swap partner, Jess) here is my first 'getting to know you' post. i am 24, i work in the arts, specifically in the world of theatre and music. i am not a performer, but more in the sales and marketing side. its a true love really (well the theatre, not so much the 9-5 graft!!), im lucky. i have just been on a work exchange to Perth Australia, again i am very lucky! I have a degree in Art History but it is not too relevant to my job, but it was a student job at another venue that got me onto my current career and i loved my course so really it all works out! Tonight i am going to see Matthew Bournes 'The Car Man', and am very excited!woop!

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KnittyWitty said...

Whydon't you get a blog? It's very easy. Just go on google to blogs and follow the directions. If you need help, email me at cynallison@gmail.com