Monday, October 22, 2007

Contest #2

1. In Wanha Vanilja coffee house in Tampere, Finland, they have the best ever vanilla coffee. That's my favourite. Unfortunately, they only sell it there, and I don't go to Tampere very often anymore - last I had some was in August.

The coffee is, well, very much tasting like vanilla, and I always drink it black.

2. I like a lot of yarns, but maybe I'll now present a lovely Norwegian wool, Topp't Tå from Gjestal. It's bulky, knits on 7mm needles, eben though it turns out nicely even with 6 or 5 mm's. They have fun colours, and it just has a great feel to it. I have knit a hat from it to my boyfriend, and to my 7-year old nephew - the hats are alike and my nephew was so excited to have a hat like 'a big man' (my bf is 1.93 metres so literally big). I have a lot of it stashed as well, waiting to become more hats and maybe mittens too. Photo of some of my yarn here.

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