Monday, October 22, 2007

Contest #2

1. Coffee review - I don't make coffee at home all that often. It's usually something I do out at a coffee shop. (Though I do like a nice plain cup of coffee at home!) My most drinked beverage is a Starbucks double tall half syrup soy mocha. An embarrassing mouthful, but adding an extra shot of espresso and halving the chocolate makes for such a rich delicious drink. It's my boyfriend's drink of choice (though he does the grande version). He averages 1-2 a day. I'm more like 2-3 a week.

2. Yarn review - My favorite yarn is Cotton Classic by Tahki * Stacy Charles. So far I've made a hat and a top out of it and I'll be making next year's red scarf from it. I first found it in my lys looking for something for a tank for myself. The pattern called for silk, so I wanted something with some drape to it and in a color I would actually wear. This happened to be in the exact same pinky/lilac color shirt as I was wearing while I was standing there comparing yarns. It feels great and it's really easy to knit with and comes in great colors. Plus I'm a big fan of cotton. It makes very clean stitches, but not as stiff or rough on the hands as Sugan N' Cream.

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