Monday, October 22, 2007

Contest #2

My Favorite Coffee:

This is kinda hard actually b/c I like a few A LOT

Starbucks Sumatra: This one is my favorite in the am, I love it's extra bold roast, very dark and thick. It isn't a very nutty coffee, it is smooth for a bold roast and the flavor is out of this world when it is brewed right.

Starbucks Verona: The all of the time coffee. I love this one b/c it pairs very well with just about everything (working there I am supposed to know that it pairs well with caramel and other desserts). It is mild in the roast, but the flavor is really good it is a blend of Italian and Yukon (I think it is a 60:20 blend) I love it after dinner w/ praline and cream creamer... MMMMMM!

Favorite yarns...

Well, I don't really have one... I love working with just about every natural fiber blend I have worked with. I do however have some natural favorites for their dyes!

One Ebay- sandyk11 and forestgreener
On Etsy-knittinglikecrazy

I have yarns from all of them and they are fabu!


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