Monday, October 29, 2007

Contest #3

The coffee I tried was Highlander Grogg. I am not a fan of flavoured coffees, yet this one intrigued me. The scent was intoxicating and the coffee teased the palate and the senses delightfully. I loved the cinnamon/nutty flavouring. This is definitely not a coffee I was at 6am, but it is one I would gladly drink after dinner.

My favourite knitting projects have always been sweater. My almost 18 years aog I learned to knit and my first project was a Gansey, I have been hooked ever since. I knit sweaters for my family and friends.

My all time favourite yarn for fair isle sweaters is Dalegarn's Heilo. Next in line is Cascade 220, for it's wonderful durability and excellent colour choices. Finally, Brown Sheep's Nature Spun. for the same reasons I like Cascade 220. I use Nature Spun when a lighter weight yarn is needed.

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Neila said...

Oh...where did you find Highland Grogg? It's one of my favorites and it's SO hard to find.