Monday, October 29, 2007

Contest #3

Just this weekend I tried Green Mountains Pumpkin Spice. We made it at home and it made the house smell wonderful. The weather has just cooled for us here in NC, so it was the perfect coffee to welcome fall. I did like this coffee except that I needed to add cream and sugar. I am normally a black coffee drinker but this one definitely begged to be sweetened. Once the cream and sugar were added it tasted like a dessert. This coffee and my sour cream coffee cake made for the perfect Sunday morning. I would definitely drink this again but probably just seasonally.

My favorite knitting project lately is socks. Definitely socks! I used to hate making them but now with two circulars or magic loop method, I cannot make enough. Not everything I make for me seems to work out but socks always do. I have made a couple of pairs for me and I am working on a couple of pairs that will be Xmas gifts. Most of my friends and family live in the northern states and they appreciate warm items. A great pair of superwash socks will definitely be worn.

As for my favorite yarn to knit the socks with, I have yet to decide. I have recently made socks with Knit Picks Essential, Wollmeise (shown below), Scouts Swag and hands+notions(etsy) and I have loved them all. I am still looking for the perfect sock yarn. Everywhere I look there is more beautiful hand dyed yarn. While I am searching the looking and buying has been great!

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