Monday, October 22, 2007

Contest #2

One hot summer morning, ordering a cuban coffee on Duval Street in Key West just before walking to the beach for a dip. Every morning, Juan makes the coffee to perfection, a shot of espresso, foaming milk and a touch of sugar, not too much. Ah, to just be standing there on the street again with a lot of men speaking in Spanish.
This is my favorite yarn right now because it came from my swap pal - tofutti yarn made out of crab and shrimp shells, the color of shrimp. Easy to knit beautiful socks. Making the pattern "Tidal Wave" because I just came from a week end at the beach. Half way done with the second sock and I don't want to finish because the yarn is great to work with. Using double circs for the first time. thanks to lucy

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Cybèle said...

Such pretty looking coffee - seems a shame to drink it!