Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Contest #3

The new coffee I tried is some Godiva coffee. I'm not usually a flavored coffee fan, but I was given the coffee as a bridal shower present, and how could anything with chocolate be bad? And it didn't disappoint. The coffee has pure godiva cocoa in it. It's pretty bold. I expected more of a mocha, but this was plesantly more intense. I don't think I'd like it every day, but it's an excellent weekend coffee.

My favorite knitting project is dishcloths. You can't get any more instant gratification than with a small cotton square, and they're actually useful! I've knit dishcloths and facecloths for family and myself. I've also knit the round discloths from Mason Dixon knitting, and tied up with ribbon around soap or chocolate, they make really cute gifts.

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