Friday, October 26, 2007

Contest #2

1. Coffee review ~ I've recently purchased the Breakfast blend from 'Pounds for Paws'. Not only is it a smooth and bright cup o' joe, but the company makes a 25% donation back to Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue, the rescue group where I adopted Allie from! I don't have a photo of me (or Allie) drinking a cup - I'll have to get that sorted!

2. Yarn review ~ One of my favorite yarns is alpaca, especially the alpaca from a friend's farm! Here I am holding Fleur, who was born at Almar Farms two months ago. I get my yarn either directly from the farm or at my local yarn shop, YarnArts. I love this yarn because of the drape, the softness but most of all because I am supporting a local alpaca farmer.

1 comment:

Janice said...

Aren't baby alpacas just the sweetest and softest thing you ever held?