Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Contest #2

My favorite coffee is Starbucks' Christmas Blend. It's smooth, warm and spicy. A perfect drink to start a cold winter day or following a busy day of Christmas shopping. It makes me think of big flakes of slowly falling snow, Christmas trees and carols, and joyous times spent with family and friends. I love it combined with gingerbread or cranberry bars. And, of course, how can you drink Christmas Blend coffee without a Starbucks' Christmas mug! This is the last of my stash of 2006 Blend. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 2007 Blend.

I only started knitting again about a year ago following a LONG hiatus. Life just got in the way, so to speak. I learned to knit while living in Tunisia and there was very little choice (other than color) when it came to yarn. It was all fingering weight. When I returned to the US I mainly got my yarns at places like Michael's or other craft stores. Since starting to knit again I've discovered that there is a world of wonderful yarns available. I don't have a favorite YET, but I'm determined to try them all! One yarn I have tried and really like is James C. Brett's Marble. I knit a sweater for my new granddaughter in anticipation of her arrival around Thanksgiving. I love the colors, very Victorian, and the softness of the yarn itself. It was a dream to work with. It's gorgeous and I'm considering knitting something for myself in the same yarn. I have also become addicted to all the fun sock yarns available and have just finished my first pair of socks.


Laurie said...

Oh, I am so jealous you still have Christmas blend from last year. I even bought a case (each) of regular and decaf of that wonderful holiday blend but it only lasted (the 24 pounds of coffee) until sometime in March or April. I found, though, that 2006 was not quite as spicy and flavorful as 2005.
What is your blog address? I can't seem to find your name on the "contributors" list on the coffee swap's side bar...

Neila said...

I was cleaning out my freezer and found the bag of 2006 blend which thrilled me! I keep watching for the first delivery of 2007. My blog address is neilasnotes.blogspot.com