Sunday, October 28, 2007

Contest #2

Favorite coffee and favorite yarn. That's like asking a chef "what's your favorite food" or a literary critic "what's your favorite book". In some ways, it's dependent on the season, on my current knitting interest and also just what I feel like on a given day. So, for this contest, I'll substitute "favorite" for "guaranteed to please"!

In the coffee department, should I end up stranded on a desert island and can only have one bag of beans delivered, it'd contain these:

Peets Aged Sumatra
Peet's Aged Sumatra. This stuff is absolutely heavenly. Lots and LOTS of flavor but very low acid so it's totally drinkable. Because of the mildness of flavor, it's definitely *not* suited for the rigors of espresso-making. All the best qualities of this bean come out using a drip or filter process. Yeah, Sumatra. Always a winner.

Ok, let's move on to yarn. Generally, I'll choose some flavor of sock yarn since socks can be knitted anywhere, anytime, and offer nearly endless possibilities for patterns and shape and size. They're the Swiss Army Knife of knitting. That being said, there are plenty of amazing yarns out there - Curious Creek, Koigu, Natures Palette. However, after stalking one particular supplier for well nigh on a year, I finally had a package show up on my doorstep that contained this:

Yes, friends - this is Wollmeise. A wonderful husband and wife team (husband does custom ironwork!) in the south of Germany that make the most delicate, squishy, colorful and truly *touchable* yarns. Her range of colorways is amazing ... if my stash contained nothing but her yarn, I'd be a perpetually happy knitter.


mummymakesphotos said...

Oh my goodness, their yarn is sooo gorgeous and their website is great, thank you for sharing, will be purchasing some soon, (Liking the Dornröschen and the Frosch colourways, and the names!!!)


blopeep said...

You lucky lady - shipping is actually reasonable for you! The online store is very new ... I actually took my laptop along to a meeting just so that I could order as soon as it opened. Next time around, I'm ordering "Kraeuterbeet"!