Thursday, October 25, 2007

Contest #2

1. Coffee review ~ there are so many I love for different reasons. I love the plain ol' cuppa joe at Dupar's out in Southern California - it's the perfect diner coffee. At home, my favorite is the Austin Blend from Central Market - cinnamon and nutty with hints of vanilla. This weekend, we get to go hang out in the coffeehouses in Austin and I'm hoping to find that perfect cup somewhere. (Last visit, it was Austin Java's Texas Pecan. YUM!)

2. Yarn review ~ I just love yarn - period. (Well, there are some notable exceptions - but we'll not discuss those.) My current favorite is new to me - it's a Peruvian yarn that is new in our LYS called Merisol Yarns - Hacho. I bought a couple of skeins to make a pair of socks - using size 3 needles and making up my own little pattern - and it has been HEAVENLY to work with. This is where I really wish I had my camera up and working to show you what this yarn does - great stitch definition - but when I got to the stockinette stitch on the foot, it's like half of the stitch disappears so one ridge is almost "buried" below the other one with the second stitch bubbling up to the top. I love it!

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