Sunday, October 21, 2007

Important Updates

Hello Swappers!

-All partners are now out. People need to be in contact with each other by Sunday. It's helpful to let your hostess know how things are going, if you've been in contact, etc. Remember, the "send by" date is November 17th.

-If a swapper has not heard from her partner they need to e-mail their hostess by Monday so she knows and can take care of it. There always seems to be at least one or two people who mysteriously drop out, and we'd like the chance to fix that as soon as possible so that no one is left without a partner.

-Please try keep on top of the blog. We often make updates with important information that you may need to know. It can be easy for these to get lost in all the posts, so if you check the labels from "admin" or "swap info" you can easily stay caught up. I think some of the confusion for a few people about their partners was due to my announcements getting lost in all those wonderful contest entries!!!

-Contest #1 closes Saturday night. Contest #2 Starts on Sunday. We have over 20 wonderful prizes to give away this swap round, so make sure you get your entries in!!! I'll announce the first winners Monday night.

-I'm without computer this weekend, so I won't be able to answer any e-mails until late Sunday night at the earliest, more like Monday. If you have specific questions, e-mail your hostess directly. If I'm your hostess and you can't wait until Monday, just post to the blog and one of the other hostesses can answer your question.

-Thanks everyone for your participation and your patience as we get Swap Three rolling. Round three is a much bigger swap than the past two (I can't believe the first had only 50!) Of course a much bigger swap means there are always a couple things that need to get worked out, but I'm glad we are able to do it this way as we can include a lot more people. I think we're all set and ready to go. This is going to be a wonderful round. Have fun!!!



Cheryl said...

I still have no partner....I have checked spam folders and nothing is there....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you might be my partner? I bet you might be. I am still waiting and hoping to receive the info this evening.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl - I just checked out your blog - I hope you are my pal - we would have lots of fun.

Kim said...

I too haven't received my partner. :( Hoping that I get it soon as I already have stuff ready to spoil my soon to be partner.

Anonymous said...

I still don't have my partner info - just saying. I need for Mandie to contact me. Thanks.

mandie437 said...

becky, kim and cheryl. i have tried to email you all using the emails that were given to me. Please double check any and all email addresses that you have used for this swap. If you still have found nothing please contact me directly at I have sent you all three invites to the swap and for cheryl and becky i have sent your partner info twice now. I would love to fix this problem asap for all of you. Kim i was just made aware of your situation and have sent you an email as well.