Sunday, October 28, 2007

Contest #2

Favorite Coffee
My favorite coffee is Peace Coffee's Espresso Blend, which I mix with Silk Plus Soymilk and Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and drink from my favorite coffee mug:

Favorite Yarn
Favorite yarn is much trickier! I like to dye sock yarn, and Wool2Dye4 SuperSock is my favorite base. For commercial sock yarn, I'm very fond of Meilenweit and Trekking.



Tournesol said...

Love the pictures!! Even the cat seems to smile about the mugs, cool stuff!

Mary Mary said...

Your cat is so cute....and so much more photogenic than mine :)

emicat said...

Love the cup and the cat!

Maria said...

You have a very sweet kitty!

blopeep said...

Holy cow - where did you get that mug! I think there are at least four people that *NEED* to get one of these for Christmas this year. Absolutely wonderful.