Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Contest #2

My favorite coffees (how can you have just one?) can be broken down into flavored or non-flavored. I was introduced to the joys of Starbucks many years ago when I was in Seattle for a writers' convention. While I can still remember the taste of that first moccachino sipped in the airport, I tend to prefer the Sumatran or French roasts, with just a hint of cream. If I can get it, I also love a good Kona from Hawaii. And I like to drink it in a fine bone china mug - it does taste better. On occasion, I order the caramel pecan roll or egg nog flavors from CoffeeAM - they're my favorite flavored coffees and I can drink them year-round.
These days, due to tummy troubles, I am drinking mostly decaf but these favorites are available in decaf or fully loaded. Fortunately, CoffeeAM's decafs are delicious, unlike many decafs.
Again, I don't know how you can have just one favorite yarn. Right now, it has to be the new soy blend yarn from Bernat - I made a scarf the other night in a pink and green colorway and it knitted up beautifully. I am also a sucker for anything from Fleece Artist - their goldylocks mohair is just gorgeous.

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