Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Contest #3

Yesterday I tried a "butterscotch" flavored coffee from a Coffee Shop called "Arabica" out on the south side of Chicago. On one hand I was really disappointed because I was hoping for something really flavored (I was in the mood for a sweet treat). This was not very flavored at all. On the other hand, if I had been in the mood for just coffee - this would have been wonderfully subtle. It was the kind of coffee that you could drink every day even though it was flavored

As far as fave projects go - it was a beaded, "Lilly of the valley" lace bracelet that I made my mom. I used a mercerised cotton - very tightly spun and very little stretch to the final product. This pic is actually from the kitty page, but mine looks basically identical. - right down to the color of the yarn (something I just happened to have in my stash). I knit mostly for my self and my family - and a bit for swaps., mostly because I don't want to put in the work unless I'm sure the end product is going to be appreciated.

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