Friday, October 26, 2007

Contest #2

My favorite yarn at the moment? Blue Sky Alpaca — even the name sounds fabulous! More than thirty brilliant colors of pure alpaca in high-sheen sport weight, a growing line of luxurious alpaca silk and a superior blend of alpaca merino in a smooth worsted. They also have ultra-quick-knitting bulky alpaca wool and lovely organic cotton in six naturally occurring shades and over 30 amazing dyed colors. They royal alpaca is unlike anything I've experienced, it is a thrill just to touch it. They also have a lovely heathered sport weight line, called Melange. Love this stuff!

My favorite coffee is my Gevalia in my soon to be Sheepy Mug. A few months back I was on a cut expenses kick and told my husband we were canceling our shipments, we could live with good old Folger’s again, right? Wrong... Oh so wrong. I could have kissed the mail man when he delivered our coffee one week later. I only indulge in one cup of coffee during the week and two on weekends. That first sip can make or break a day! I deserve the good stuff! :)

I almost have my package ready for my buddy, I just have one more thing coming in the mail for her. I am so excited, I just squeked in getting them in time. Right after I ordered them they went on backorder until 11/14! Eek.

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