Thursday, November 1, 2007

Contest #3

I tried a Raspberry Vanilla White Mocha yesterday at work... I was kinda surprised! I don't normally like really sweet drinks, but this was really good I got only 2 pumps raspberry, 2 pumps vanilla and then the normal amount of White Mocha in a 20 oz cup (if you want to try I would recommend telling your Barista your pump preference or else it may be too sweet). I think for everyday drinking I still will take my normal Verona or Sumatra, but for a change drink I think I would take one of these again, no problem!

I am addicted to socks. I am working on Clessidra right now and I am loving them (I just turned my heel and started the gusset yesterday)! They are fast, fun and you get to try all sorts of stitch patterns w/o making a huge commitment. If you don't like the pattern, they are super easy to frog and you don't have to feel to guilty when you do (I frogged a whole page worth of a pattern on a shawl a few months back and I thought I was going to cry!).

I have made socks for my Mom, Dad, Hubby and of coarse I have knitted a few pairs for myself now. I have used all sorts of yarns, Wool, Acrylic, blends, Cottons... Just about everything you can get at a normal craft store (I just got some great mohair/wool blend in a stunning Cranberry - Ebay Sandyk11's yarns are a dream!).

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