Thursday, November 1, 2007

Contest #3

- Dare to try a new coffee.

This was a great contest as I had run out of my good coffee and had to resort to store bought while waiting for the mailman, but this contest inspired me to take a trip to Starbucks where I learned something new about coffee!

What did I learn? The lighter the coffee the more caffine! I did not know this. It has something to do with the roasting process, the longer the bean is roasted the more caffine leaks out of the bean.

What did I try? I had planned to try Sumatra (not sure if that is the correct spelling, sorry) but since I only have coffee in the morning, and I really wanted the caffine, the Starbuck's man suggested their Breakfast Blend (which was his favorite).

Do I like it? Oh yeah! I am sipping it now and it is very good! Not as good as the Gevalia the mailman will bring to my door, but most certainly a good coffee to keep me from attacking the mailman when I see him start to walk up the driveway.

- Share your favorite knitting/crochet project.

Tough question! But I think my favorite thing would have to be anything felted. I just love to felt! My local LYS is out of the mitten pattern I want, but they should have it soon. I had seen the pattern many times and had just looked past it, but they had a sample knitted up the last time I was in and I really liked the fit. I have also made a couple of bags, slippers, snowmen and am looking forward to a hat soon, too.

Thanks for this great contest!

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