Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Contest #1

Hi everyone!
My favorite place to knit is in my sewing room. It is actually the smallest bedroom which I claimed for very important stuff! And no, I didn't deprive anyone of a bedroom. So, in this room is my sewing machine with Ott light, and ironing board for my quilting. You will also find a small desk and bookshelves filled with my books as well as my laptop. My spinning wheel is in here along with a couple of those big plastic bins full of fiber and yarn of course. But in the corner next to the window which looks out on the back yard and lots of trees, is my comfy chair and ottoman. Next to the chair is a small table to hold my coffee or tea, depending on my mood. I love to sit here and knit, look out at the sun and trees listening to podcasts, drink my coffee and pretend I don't have to come out. If only I had someone to massage my hands occasionally.

Happy knitting!
Cheryl in NC

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