Monday, October 15, 2007

Contest #1

Contest #1: Post a picture or give us a description of your favorite spot to knit and have a cup of coffee.

Like some of the others my favorite spot to knit and my favorite spot to have a cup of coffee are two different places.

Knitting - In my comfy chair next to the fire (however, it may be occupied by my munchkin - he's usually willing to share though):

Coffee: I tend to drink on the go more than at home... It's what gets me moving out the door to go to work. LOL


Maria said...

Oh Kati Your Springer is so adorable! How old is he or she? We have a black and white 7 month old male named Lalo. This is our second Springer Spaniel. Love em! Our other dog, Maya is a Border Collie and English Setter mix. She is wonderful, too!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

that is the cutest dog, ever! those eyes!!!