Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Also titled: "My Brain Is Full" or "Why Not To Work On Swap Business At Six AM"

Sorry about the mass panic with partners, everyone. Dawn e-mailed me a question about dates today, (I'll get to that in a minute) which made me realize that TODAY (Weds) is the 17th, the day that partners should be out. Yesterday, I was thinking that MONDAY was the 17th, and therefore partners should already be out. So when I posted last night that they were all out, I was in error and too early, sending many poor swappers and poor hostesses into a massive partner confusion!:-) (If you already have your partner, don't worry about any of that. Just go shopping)

Anyway, the real story is that today is partner deadline, and that although most are out by now, there are still a handful to finish up. If you don't hear by Thursday, drop your hostess a line.

I'm still learning a lot about hosting a swap, and now this round I'm learning even more, especially about how to organize it with hostesses. Thinking about it now, I should have had the hostesses post as to what day they would be sending out invites so everyone knows when to expect theirs. But live and learn, right? Next year we'll know:-)

As to the date Dawn brought up, there is a typo in the info section that I will go and edit right now. Just to clarify: Packages should be mailed by the 17th, not received by the 17th of November. That gives everyone a bit more of a cushion and time if they want to mail order anything.



Anonymous said...
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Pearls Mother said...

things will work out,
it's a bit hard to email our hostess.
when we don't know who it is!

Knittymama said...

Your hostess is the person who sent your your Blogger invite. You can also just e-mail the main Coffeeswap e-mail too if you don't have the original invite anymore.