Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Greetings and salutations

I'm a middle school teacher in the metro DC area. Coffee and yarn are two of my favorite things. Together, they are one of the best Saturday mornings I can think of. My husband tolerates my obsession with both, and my cat tends to get tangled in my yarn if I'm not careful.

The coffee I currently love (and drink every morning) is Whole Foods Blend. It is light, but substantive, or at least it is when I make it. (I tend to drink strongly brewed coffee.) I recently started grinding my own beans every morning, and boy, I love the difference it makes.

For the person that decided to create a swap that involved both yarn and coffee, you are a genius.

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KnittyWitty said...

Greetings from a fellow, albeit exhausted, Middle School teacher and member if this knitter coffee swap.