Friday, October 5, 2007

Greetings From Sunny San Diego

Hey there fellow swappers! I am really excited about this swap. I, like all of you, are in love with coffee. Especially that first cup in the morning, when the house smells deliciously like coffee and not a soul is stirring. MMMMMMMM!!!! Visions of coffee swirls are dancing in my head!! And yarn, did anyone say yarn?!!

My three sons are snuggled all warm in their beds. No-one was stirring, not even our cat!! When what to my wondering nose should arouse, but the aroma of coffee wafting through the house. I sit with my cuppa joe and take out my knitting. What do I have here - a WIP that I love so dear!!

With three young boys in the house, I guess I have Christmas on my mind. You know, with all the lists starting to appear. CHRISTMAS LISTS!!!! I am over at craftyloca I have been checking out everyone's blogs and I am spending way too much time on the computer, but I am having oh so much fun!! Knit-Laugh-Enjoy and go have a delicious cup of coffee!!!

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