Sunday, October 7, 2007


There is an evil smelling pod coffee thing at my new work and when I think of replacing it I think of you all. Replacing a preconstructed out of the box thing with a, make it your self and it can be as wonderful or as horrible as you make it thing. Kinda like our knitting. You can have fun making or you can just grab something of the rack.

For me, Megan by the way or Ikisti if your are looking on the Internet, making is always the fun part. I worked in a coffee shop for 2 years and not because the customers were nice or the pay was great. But because it was fun and I liked being the person who made the drinks to perfection. Not that you would know that from any of my other food making.

err, any way, thanks for organizing, thanks for letting me in, and preemptive thanks for letting me have fun and give gifts.

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